Adult Braces in St. Augustine

We tend to associate braces with young people. And it is true that most orthodontics patients are in their teens. But it’s never too late to straighten your teeth. As a matter of fact, twenty-five percent of people looking for orthodontics in St. Augustine and across the country are adults.

There are good reasons for having your teeth straightened, no matter your age. You’ll get a fabulous smile that boosts your confidence and overall wellbeing, and have a healthier mouth to boot.

No matter how old you are, braces work the same way: they gently apply pressure to re-align your teeth. There are a number of options to choose from, beginning with traditional braces. These consist of individual brackets that are cemented to the teeth, and accompanied by an archwire. It’s the archwire that applies that gentle, re-aligning pressure. Traditional braces are usually metal, but there are tooth-colored ceramic and clear synthetic options.

An option that is increasingly popular in adult and teen patients alike are Invisalign clear braces. These look like the mouthguards worn by athletes. People love them because they can be removed at mealtimes and at bedtime. Sometimes called “invisible,” people also love them because they are almost undetectable to onlookers.

If you’re thinking about adult braces in St. Augustine, call us at Henry Advanced Orthodontics. We also provide orthodontics for children and teenagers.

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