Ancient to the Future: Braces in St. Augustine

It seems that as long as teeth have grown in crooked, humans have been looking for ways to straighten them. Primitive braces have been found on mummies in ancient Egypt, and on remains from ancient Greece. At Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine, we haven’t been providing braces for quite that long. But then, ours are a whole lot better.

The first known attempt at straightening teeth was by the ancient Romans, who – we kid you not – tried straightening teeth by hand. It appears that Aulus Cornelius Celsus actually had some success with his experiments, but we only have his word to do on.

Dental impressions began more recently, by comparison. Records show that wax impressions of teeth were made in the sixteenth century. But progress in straightening crooked teeth stalled until the mid-1700s, when the pioneering dentist Pierre Fauchard developed a gadget that fit around the teeth to bring them into alignment.

Orthodontics in the United States began in the 1800s with a type of headgear that fastened to the jaw from the outside, and applied gentle pressure to the teeth.

The lesson we can draw from all of this – and space limitations have forced us to leave a few developments out – is that people have always known that poorly aligned teeth affect our ability to chew and speak, and that we have the ability to correct poor bites.

At Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine, braces are our specialty. We provide early orthodontics for children, adult orthodontics, and Invisalign clear braces for patients of all ages. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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