Picking Out Braces in St. Augustine

Choosing the right set of braces in St. Augustine can sometimes be overwhelming. The right decision for you could depend on several different factors, such as the amount of correction your teeth may need. Luckily, Dr. Henry at Henry Advanced Orthodontics has plenty of options available for all his clients.Blond with Braces in St. Augustine

Metal Braces in St. Augustine

At Henry Advanced Orthodontics, patients can choose from two types of metal braces. One of the options available to patients are traditional metal braces. Some individuals prefer the look and feel of traditional braces; however, others can feel self-conscious wearing them. Additionally, metal braces can sometimes cause irritation to an individual’s upper or bottom lips.

Alternatively, if patients are interested in another kind of braces, they can purchase gold braces, which aren’t as noticeable as traditional braces due to their color. Typically, children are provided with standard metal braces, but you can always ask us about our existing options.

Ceramic Braces in St. Augustine

Like their name indicates, the brackets of these braces are characteristically made from ceramic, so they always look white unless you aren’t cleaning them properly. There are many advantages to wearing ceramic braces, one of which being that they aren’t as noticeable as metal braces. Although, if patients so choose, they can request that we use a variety of colorful bands to give their smile a pop of color.

Clear Braces in St. Augustine

At Henry Advanced Orthodontics, both children and adults have the option of purchasing clear braces, which are sometimes referred to as Invisalign. If patients are looking for a set of braces that won’t be noticeable when they smile, this is usually the best option for them. There are many advantages to wearing clear braces, one of which being that they are hardly noticeable when you smile. Another advantage is that they are less likely to irritate your lips and gums.

Understanding Your Options

Traditional braces may be more noticeable; however, they tend to be better at making larger adjustments to your smile. Clear braces can be practically invisible, but they aren’t as adapt at making the necessary changes to your smile. To determine the best action for you, contact our office to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Henry, your St. Augustine orthodontist.