Braces: When Metal Is Better

There are many options when it comes to braces, and Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine provides a range of possibilities. Some of them weren’t even available ten years ago. And yet, in spite of all the advances in the field, metal braces remain a tried-and-true technology.

One of the great benefits of traditional metal braces is that they are the most effective way of straightening a crooked bite. This is especially true in cases of extreme overcrowding. Metal braces allow for a greater ability to move a patient’s teeth in small increments.

Metal braces are also far sturdier than other oral appliances. That means there’s a lot less chance that they’ll become damaged. And because they apply more force to the teeth, bite adjustment takes a lot less time.

Traditional braces are also more cost-effective than newer technologies. They aren’t as expensive, and it’s a lot less time-consuming to place them in the patient’s mouth.

The only real drawback to metal braces, of course, is their appearance. Even that is better than it used to be. The metal can be silver or gold. That’s almost like wearing jewelry.

Traditional metal braces are available from Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine. We treat patients of all ages, and also provide Invisalign clear braces. Call us today to schedule a consultation, and find out what works best for you.

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