Early Orthodontics in St. Augustine

Parents of young children are sometimes surprised to learn that their kids can begin orthodontic treatment as young as six or seven years of age. Surprised, that is, unless they benefited from orthodontics when they were that age. At Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine, we have a variety of options for our young patients.

Not all orthodontic issues need to be treated when children are under the age of ten. But there are definite advantages to early intervention. One of the most significant is that a child’s jaw is still growing, which makes certain conditions easier to address.

Seven years old may seem like an awfully young age, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a child will be fitted for braces. But the American Association of Orthodontics recommends all children to at least be screened for possible issues by that age.

Braces have undergone considerable transformation over the last few decades. They’re more comfortable than they used to be, and more attractive, too. For example, manufacturers make the tiny rubber bands that hold the wires to be braces in right colors.

Even so, braces do take some getting used to. With conventional braces, food particles still get caught in the brackets and wires. And it takes more time to brush. Even that can be avoided in some cases with clear braces from Invisalign, which are removable. Not everyone can wear Invisalign braces, however.

Children who get braces at a young age may still need braces later on. But if they’ve been treated early in life, the time they need to wear braces later on may be shorter and simpler.

To find out more about early orthodontics and clear braces from Invisalign, call Henry Advanced Orthodotnics in St. Augustine to schedule a consultation.

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