How To Pay For Braces with Expert Braces Dentist Advice

You can’t put a price on your health or happiness, but when it comes to braces, there’s always the question of cost. And whether you want them for cosmetic reasons or need them for health reasons, it’s completely normal to ask, “How much is it going to cost for me to get braces?”

On average, braces cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. We know that’s a big range, but it’s one you can plan around. The actual cost will depend on your needs and what your orthodontist recommends.

What Do Braces Really Do?

Braces don’t just make your smile look nice — they’re actually important for your health.

According to Healthy People, “Oral health is essential to overall health. Good oral health improves a person’s ability to speak, smile, smell, taste, touch, chew, swallow, and make facial expressions to show feelings and emotions.”

When you need braces, it’s usually because something isn’t quite right in your mouth, whether it’s due to an overbite, underbite, overcrowding, or another damaging oral health issue. Outside of transforming your smile, braces also lead to a healthier mouth, and a healthy mouth means a healthy body! This is especially important as you age.

“More studies are needed, but some researchers suspect that bacteria and inflammation linked to periodontitis play a role in some systemic diseases or conditions,” such as heart disease, strokes, and diabetes (American Dental Association).

So braces are more than just a smile straightener; they’re also a huge investment in your overall health and well-being, an investment that will serve you well for your entire lifetime.

Payment Options for Braces

Braces are a big investment and they can often come with a big bill, so it’s important to know your payment options upfront. The payment options available for braces depend on who’s getting the braces, along with a few other factors.

Braces for Children

Depending on your financial situation and whether braces are medically necessary for your child, you may be eligible for assistance when it comes to braces for your child.

Ways you can pay for your child’s braces include:

  • Medicaid 
  • Lump sum
  • Payment plan
  • Dental insurance
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Braces for Adults

Most orthodontic care takes place while individuals are still eligible for assistance (generally those who are 21 and under). If you’re an adult looking to get braces, you’ll likely have to pay for it yourself.

Ways you can pay for your braces as an adult include:

  • Lump sum
  • Payment plan
  • Dental insurance

Braces for All

If you know you or your child need braces due to medical reasons, but you truly can’t afford it, there are other avenues you can consider when braces are medically necessary. In some areas, you can find non-profit organizations that help with expenses and orthodontists who donate their services to those who need them most.

Paying for Braces at Henry Orthodontics

At Henry Orthodontics in St. Augustine, we believe that everyone should have a smile they love, but we understand that braces can be a financial burden. With flexible payment options available, we strive to provide affordable, high-quality orthodontic treatment that fits your budget. This way, you or your child can see the orthodontist in a budget-friendly way that works for you.

How You Can Pay for Braces at Our Orthodontics Clinic

We know that everyone’s finances are different, which is why we offer multiple payment options for those getting orthodontic treatment at our office. Here’s a few ways you can pay.


We participate in nearly all dental insurance plans. If your insurance covers orthodontic treatment, we’ll be happy to help you receive the maximum benefit from your plan to reduce your personal costs.


We want all of our patients to get the orthodontic treatment they need. If you choose to pay the full amount in advance, you can benefit from significant savings. Similarly, if you have multiple family members receiving orthodontic treatment at our office, you can count on a discount.

Payment Plan

We know that monthly payment plans are often preferred, as they can help you get the orthodontic treatment you need without breaking the bank. So if you’d like to get braces but can’t afford it all at once, a payment plan is a great option.

Don’t let your finances hold your child — or yourself  — back from a beautiful smile and optimal health. With multiple payment options available, you can get braces and pay for them however works best for you with a braces dentist.

Visit Our Orthodontics Clinic in St. Augustine

At our orthodontics clinic in St. Augustine, FL, it’s our joy to give kids, teens, and adults the gift of a confident smile. Your finances shouldn’t keep you from the smile you deserve, and we’d love to speak with you about how we can get you started on your braces journey. To learn more, call us at 904-295-0197 or get started by scheduling a free consultation today. Treatment from Dr. Henry, our amazing orthodontist, is available to those in St. Augustine, St. Johns, and the surrounding FL communities.