Orthodontics Problems in St Augustine (And Everywhere Else!)

When your braces finally come off, those new, straight teeth can be life-changing. What a smile! At that point, you’ll probably agree those orthodontic problems in St. Augustine were worth the aggravation, and worth the wait.

But what about that seemingly endless period when you had to wear them? Braces, historians tell us, date back too the time of Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher. Has it been that long since your braces went on? It may seem like it, at times.

Modern orthodontics came along early in the 19th century. They’ve come a long way since then; braces today are not nearly as intrusive as they once were. Some, like Invisalign clear braces, are all but invisible. There are even Invisalign clear braces designed especially for teenagers.

But people of all ages are still getting conventional braces. They’re a lot better than they used to be, too. But they do bring a set of issues with them.

The gums around your braces are susceptible to inflammation. This could be an indication of gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. If the gums around your braces are red and swollen, that could be a sign of developing gingivitis. See your orthodontist right away.

Braces make your teeth more susceptible to plaque, too. That’s the film that forms in the mouth from bacteria. It’s because of it that keeping your teeth clean with a daily regimen is essential.

Left untreated, plaque turns into tartar. That’s a range of discolorations on the teeth. It can lead to tooth decay and other serious issues. It can only be treated professionally. But again, you can avoid it by keeping your teeth clean.

You’ve probably noticed the common thread here: keeping your mouth clean when you’ve got braces is a special issue. This can be tricky, since food particles and plaque can accumulate to brackets and the teeth.

So before you brush, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with water. That will loosen any food particles. When you brush, use a toothpaste that has the American Dental Association seal on the tube. Focus on the gemlike first, then put your brush on top of the brackets, angling it down to make sure you get on the top part.

Next, move to the bottom of the bracket. This time angle your brush up. Take your time and be sure to get each tooth in this way.

Yes, orthodontics can be an aggravation. But whether you’re in St. Augustine, St. Jones FL, Nocatee, or somewhere else, keep in mind how beautiful your new straight teeth are going to be.

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