If you’re experiencing severe dental pain or have broken your appliances,contact our officeright away for assistance.

For orthodontic emergencies that need immediate attention, we will ensure you are seen as soon as possible. If the situation can wait for a few days or longer, we can offer advice on how to control the situation until your visit.

Never hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here to help however we can and to ensure your orthodontics are fully operational and as comfortable as possible.

Common IssuesWe Treat

Some of the common issues we treat require emergency care, while others can be managed until your upcoming appointment. If the advice below doesn’t resolve your issue, feel free to call with questions or concerns. We’re here for you!


If your bracket, wire, or appliance is loose, give our office a call. Place wax on any pieces that are irritating your mouth to stay comfortable until your visit.


If a bracket or appliance breaks, leave it in place if possible and call us. If the piece can be easily removed, place it in an envelope and bring it to your next appointment.


It’s normal to experience tenderness after getting braces put on or tightened. While this isn’t an emergency, we do want to help you find solutions to your discomfort. A soft diet, salt-water mouthwash, and over-the-counter medications can all help ease your pain.