Braces for Kids and Teens

A child smiling with braces representing the children's orthodontic services of Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine, FLBraces for kids can straighten teeth, increase oral health, and boost self-esteem. Teeth straightening with a pediatric professional is the best way to create a foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Braces for Kids in St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine orthodontist, Dr. Henry, and his team want to help your children and teens enter adulthood with a confident smile. We work with kids and teens with different needs every day, and we are committed to giving them successful and gentle orthodontic care.

Dr. Henry is trained in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. He is good at anticipating issues and quickly treating kids and teens. Dr. Henry brings more than a decade of experience to the table, so you can trust him with your child’s teeth straightening experience.

When does My Child Need Braces?

Braces for kids can be necessary as early as age seven. About forty percent of patients can benefit from orthodontic treatment before they become a teen.

If Dr. Henry discovers that your child needs braces for kids, he will ensure that their teeth straightening process is comfortable and efficient. If an exam reveals that their oral health and comfort are ensured, they may not require further treatment.

Early orthodontic intervention can save time, money, and discomfort. However, if your child does not wear braces for kids, their teenage years are still an excellent time to correct any remaining orthodontic issues.

What are my Child’s Orthodontic Options?

Girls smiling outside representing the children's orthodontic services of Henry Advanced Orthodontics in St. Augustine, FLYour child’s options will depend on their unique smile. Dr. Henry will work with you and your child or teen until we find a solution that suits your preferences. We often provide children and teens with metal braces, Invisalign, partial braces, or other orthodontic appliances.

Whether your child needs metal braces, Invisalign, or simple monitoring, will tailor your child’s teeth straightening process to meet their specific needs. We will work towards:

  • Proper jawbone development
  • Perfect, functional bite
  • Elimination of damaging habits like thumb-sucking
  • Proper eruption of permanent teeth
  • A straight and beautiful smile

To learn more about metal braces, braces for kids, or braces for teens, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love treating patients from St. Johns, St. Augustine, Nocatee, and their surrounding areas. Our number one goal is to provide you and your children with beautiful and healthy smiles!

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